Empire Machine Tools(EMT)
Metal Forming Testing and Metrology (MFTM)

Empire Machine Tools, Metal Forming, Testing & Metrology Division, (EMT-MFTM) provides support services & Engineering Consultancy to world class manufacturers of Metal Forming Presses, Furnaces, Welding equipment & Metrology machinery. This is made possible through business partnerships and associations with manufacturers from Europe, Russia, USA, Japan, Ukraine, Korea & China. Some of its Associations have spanned 40 years.

Its dedicated team of experts help with the identification of potential users, investment plans, tender notifications, technical requirements and solutions, and commercial needs. Most clients being foreign manufacturers, its team also guides and helps them understand the overall Indian market. Post sales service and AMC's are also part of the services it offers.

The division plays the role of a single window market access for all Producers of Upstream and Downstream Manufacturing Processes covering:

  • Metal Forming, Fabricating and Joining Machines of all types for Coils, Plates, Sheets, Bars, Tubes, Strips and Wires, Sections, e.g. Presses with and without automation; Warm and Cold Swaging; Fluid Cell Presses, Elastomer Pad Presses, Stretch Forming Presses, Aircraft structural fastening and assembly solutions and Robotics/5 Axis Laser Cutting Systems.
  • Forging presses Open Die Forging Press and Extrusion Presses for Steel and Aluminium, Hydraulic Forging hammers, Nosing presses, Straightening Presses for Shaft with Automatic Bending Correction.
  • Surface Preparation Systems - Shot Blasting, Shot Peening, Shot Peen Forming, Laser Peen Forming Plasma-Nit riding, EBPVD Systems, Revamping of existing Paint Lines.
  • Furnaces for various applications - Vacuum Induction Melting VIM including Investment Casting, Electro Slag Refining ESR, Vacuum Arc Re-melting VAR, Electron Beam Melting EBM and Atmosphere Heat Treatment: Bogie Hearth furnaces for Hardening and Quenching, Reheating & Pit type Vertical Furnaces for Annealing of long shafts.
  • Electron Beam, Laser and Robotic Welding Machines, Friction and Inertia Welding, Friction Stir Welding machines etc.
  • Foundry Equipment: Core Leaching Autoclaves.
  • Specialized Systems for Automotive Industry: Weld Lines for BIW.
  • Dies & Prototypes: Stamping Tool Dies; Hard Tools and Prototype Parts / Complete Assemblies in Plastic or Sheet Metal for the Automobile Industry; Aluminium / Sheet Metal Prototype Engine and Power Train Components in Automotive Industry.
  • Metrology Machines and Testing Equipment: CNC Co-ordinate Measuring Machines & Industrial Computer Tomography.
  • Consultancy Services for Styling, Simultaneous Engineering and Detail Engineering in Automobile BIW and Stamping Die Applications.

It has a large network of offices with locations in Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata & New Delhi and also representative sourcing offices in Ulsan, Korea & Voronezh, Russia and Canada. All Offices are provided with Video Conferencing facilities to provide best services to Customers and Manufacturers.

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