Empire Industries Ltd was founded by Mr.S.C.Malhotra.With a naval background, and business experience of running the Kohinoor Mills Division of Killicks Industries Limited as its CEO – he acquired Empire Dyeing Co Ltd in the year 1963. The company then was a very small process house having operations limited to only bleaching, dyeing and finishing of cotton products. Soon, processing of man made and synthetic fibers began and the company came to be known as India’s largest, leading textile processing house. This was the beginning of Empire Industries Ltd.

Further acquisitions soon made in the subsequent years were – Vitrum Pvt. Ltd – which was In the business of manufacturing bottles, Jars and Mosaic tiles and Garlick & Company Pvt. Ltd- which was in the business of manufacturing EOT Cranes and marketing of imported machine tools.

Mr.S.C.Malhotra had set a clear mission for Empire Industries, which was in his own words- “To be the best in the market place, not necessarily the biggest”. Empire Industries Ltd’s business units today are all driven by that mission and it has helped them secure leadership positions in the respective industries in which they operate.Empire Industries, (as of a today – a 116 year old public limited company) consists of a well-diversified group of businesses.It has established a strong market presence in the manufacturing and marketing of Glass bottles for the Pharmaceutical industry, marketing of machine tools and industrial equipments, trading of frozen food products, building and leasing of commercial properties, providing vending services, developing real estate, and building and managing Business centres.

Over the years, Empire Industries has collaborated with many major national and international organisations across varied sectors. Repeated renewal of contracts by them reflects the strong faith that they have in the group’s products and services.

We realize that we are in business to create and keep a customer. At Empire, we concentrate on delivering value to the customer. We believe that the customer is the foundation of our existence. Concern and responsibility for him permeates all areas of our organization. To achieve this, we empower our people. We give them status, position, prominence and authority, but also emphasize their responsibilities. We insist that no employee of Empire Industries Limited should ever knowingly do harm.

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